Q: How do I access my files to download?
A: We made a video to help show you exactly where to find your files and how to download them. Click here to watch :)

Q: How do I get access to the Picture Play Facebook group?

A: Anyone who purchases the original Picture Play eBook will be able to access the exclusive Facebook group. If you have Picture Play: Disney World, you may purchase Picture Play at a discounted price. (To get your discount, visit the exclusive Picture Play Facebook group and find the post in our announcements. If you do not have Facebook, email desiree@babyrabies.com with your account information and she'll send you a code.)

Q: Do I need to have read Picture Play to understand Picture Play: Disney World?
A: The two books will not overlap information- ie. PPDW does not cover every app and editing technique in the same way that PP does. It is highly recommended to purchase Picture Play in addition to PPDW, but if you only purchase PPDW you will have no problem understand and implementing the tools and concepts inside. The book can stand alone and is perfect for anyone wanting to take their Disney World photo experience to the next level.