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Picture Play will give you the freedom to create incredible photos on the go


Phone photography eBook, Picture Play: Walt Disney World, is available right now!


"This book is truly a wonderful and amazing teaching tool!"


Picture Play changed everything about how I edit pics!

"Jill’s book has totally transformed the way I edited pics, saving me so much time and making them look like they were shot by a professional!" - Shannon B

What people are saying about Picture Play:

I really wanted to learn and love my DSLR but it's just too big to tote around everyday. Thank goodness for iPhones; but even then some pictures are just lacking that POP! Jill's ebook teaches you how to take those "ok" pictures and turn them into pictures you'll treasure for years to come! I already had most of her favorite apps on my phone (collecting dust) because I didn't know how to use them. Don't think twice about purchasing this ebook, you'll love it!!!


The instructions on how to use the apps she recommends are very helpful. I've been looking for a reference guide to editing my pictures and have been intimidated by what I've found. This book was easy for me to understand and apply. I'm looking forward to using what I've read.

Allison M

I read this today, and already was able to apply the things I learned! I always knew there were apps out there that could make my photos much better, but had never taken the time to look into them - this was more than worth the cost for me simply for breaking things down so easily, making it so I didn't have to read a ton of app reviews or other websites. Thanks for a super helpful guide!

Erin R

I started this book today and am so happy with it! I'm not even through all the editing tips and I've learned a lot. I'm already able to clean up some of my older photos using the apps recommendations. Worth it!


This book is awesome. I really needed something simple to edit some of my phone pictures, without going too crazy - and I needed it explained in basic language. Jill does exactly that in this book! It is perfect. I’ve had so much fun editing my photos, and bringing them to life.

Michele L

I know life changing seems a little dramatic but I’m so in awe of what this has helped me do. We live in Washington so we often have dark overcast skies and it can be hard to get the right picture. But this taught me about what curves actually were and how to adjust lighting and warm or cool a picture. And now I don’t have to freak out over a rubberband on a wrist because I have learned how to remove it just from this book!


I’ve always wanted to be better at photography but with full-time work and three small kids, there was no time for taking workshops, and certainly no money for extra equipment. Jill Krause’s book was a quick read that has given me everything I need to take iPhone photos to the next level. I read it while my toddler twins napped, and immediately worked on my first photo!

Beki B

I’m a photographer, but I work with a big camera and professional editing software. When it came to my personal Instagram pictures, I needed help. I know the basics of photography, but this book really changed how I edit my iPhone photos! I had no idea I could do so much with just a few apps. I highly recommend Picture Play!


I highly recommend this book! Everything is broken down and easy to understand. I love that it has actual pictures as examples to walk you through it. I’m always taking pictures of my kids on my phone due to convenience and looking for ways to make them pop later. This is definitely a game changer! It’s great being able to go back to the book as a reference. I’ve been using the book and apps everyday since I downloaded them! Great Job Jill!

Kimmy M

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